New General Yo Run!

Anybody know what the new General Yo run will be I hope it’s more Model 10s I saw this on Facebook they said “we are gearing up for another run”

I have my suspicions but I’m not allowed to say 8)

Get your G-Yo funds ready boys

its the second run of majesties.

^goood guess

I don’t get it. Where did everyone get these Model 10’s? California? Online? The popularity of this yo-yo was sudden for me. I just don’t know.

I was wondering the same thing but it 15 pre pros were sold so that might be why the quantities were so limited because that would put them with 71 to put in stores and SkyHighYo you should PM me and tell me :wink: 10 bucks they are making a Titanium Majesty or just either Majesties or Model 10s

Some of them were at Cal-States YoYo competition, some on various online sites (check General-Yo’s facebook to find out which ones, I think there are still some available), and YYE was supposed to get some but supposedly they may be all claimed already.

Crazy how fast General-Yo stuff flies!

The model 10 is seriously worth it though, if you like floaty/stable

It’s a pretty crazy throw, it doesn’t look like it but it’s incredibly graceful and floaty. This is probably the only time I’ll ever call a throw graceful.

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In may there will be something special ;).

New run? Wait and see! :slight_smile:

I talked to YYE, and they said they only got a few Model 10’s that were claimed almost instantly through contacting them.

I hope it’s more Model 10s I’m buying one tomorrow but I really want a half and half.