New game: Story

I’m going to start a story and post 1-2 sentences that keep the story going. Don’t do dumb ones that end the story. See how far it can go!

Once upon a time there was an average joe named Kiff.

Kiff lived in Russia but really wanted to move to England. He never felt like he fit in.

Mainly because he didn’t remove the TAPATALK™ suffix from his posts whenever he used his HTC ONE™.

After he finished school his dream finally came true and he took a boat to England.

The end.

of his waiting was finally here! he was about to set sail when…

He realized he had no boat.

Although initially he thought his journey had fallen short, he took up swimming classes.

And then a giant marshmellow gave him a pleasure yaught so he could continue his journy.

Pleasure yacht


Just at the beginning of the trip, there was a terrible accident and the pleasure yacht sank. The marshmallow came back and Kiff used him as a boat.