New from YYR - The Mizuki Takimoto signature RAMI!

This new release from Yoyorecreation is the signature model for 2019 3A national champion Mizuki Takimoto - The RAMI!

For years the standard for 3A design has been stability and spin power, but Yoyorecreation and Takimoto aimed to create a 3A design with a more nimble feel in play. The RAMI is a bi-metal design with an aluminum body and Stainless steel rings that extend to compose the outer edge of the profile. It has quick maneuverable feel in play with enough power for the most dynamic routines.

Built with 3A in mind, but very well suited for 1A and 5A as well, the RAMI is an excellent choice for any thrower!


I notice that this cup design has sorta become YYR’s standard for recent releases: Overdrive Draupnir, Inevitable, and now the RAMI. Don’t get me wrong, I love this cup design, but it does kinda make them hard to tell apart at a glance.

There’s a little engraving on the rim of the RAMI, Yoyorecreation has been doing that more often now which I think is a nice subtle touch.


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Ooh nice! How do you like them Andy?

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That’s, like, a $375 setup just for 3A! Impressive.

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They’re nice! I described them in another thread. The product description pretty much sums it up; not heavy and dense like a lot of 3a yoyos.

i aint no broke college student no mo

I’m now just an irresponsible spender :nerd_face:


Glad to have you in the club! :+1: