New release from YYR - The Toru Miyazaki TORU 0.9!

Toru Miyazaki’s signature model is a design in constant evolution - Each step has performed so well that Yoyorecreation has decided to release it in iterations! This is the Toru 0.9!

Miyazaki performs routines with overwhelming difficulty and beautiful trick structure. He has a speedy and rhythmic flow that demands a top performing yoyo. In order meet the needs of his intricate tricks, the Toru 0.9 body was designed slightly wider and smaller than the current mainstream competition throws. This paired with the bi-metal construction gives his signature yoyo all the power he needs for long combos and the ability to weave through small string gaps with ease. It has a soft presence on the string with plenty of speed in play to keep you moving forward.

The Toru 0.9 is just one step towards the completion of Toru Miyazaki’s signature model, bringing uncompromising performance closer to the ideal!

Releasing Thursday 9/9 @ 8PM EDT.


Oh okay so yoyoexpert just wants all of my money. Toru is probably my favorite player too