New from YYR - Chopsticks Gorilla and Valkyrie new colors!

Chopsticks Gorilla:

A small yo-yo with enough stability to combat tilt through intense hops and horizontal combos; The Chopsticks Gorilla meets the champion level performance required by Akiba. Fitted with HKMT Grip-N response and Yoyorecreation DS bearing, this yo-yo is ready to perform!


Yoyorecreation believes that the Valkyrie will set a new standard for competition grade yo-yos, and after throwing it we would have trouble disagreeing! The Valkyrie just has a really special feeling in play. It feels really floaty yet solid, stable yet maneuverable, and moves as fast as you could ever need.


Damn you Garrett. I have 6 throws in transit to me right now and you come throw the best ChopRilla colorway at me?! If anyone wants to try out one of them, get the green, and if you don’t like it, hit me up after xmas so I can buy it from you.

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I think the blue gorilla colorway is the prettier of the two. But the real standout in this group is that brilliant red Valkyrie!

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I’ll take one of each Gorilla color…

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Planning on trying out some 6A?

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I wish. A little over my head and budget. :wink:

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