New from YYR - The Titanium WONDER and Chopsticks Gorilla!


A new Titanium yoyo is born. From one of the most iconic names in the industry, this is the Yoyorecreation Wonder!

Yoyorecreation took all of their yoyo design know-how and incorporated it into their ultimate titanium throw. The Wonder features a profile inspired by the legendary Sleipnir with soft angles and smooth lines that look just as good as it plays. It’s a lightweight design with an agile feel on the string and an impressive spin power you will notice from the first throw. It moves fast and has an almost bouncy feel that will keep you coming back for more!

Releasing Friday 6/11 @ 8PM EDT.

Chopsticks Gorilla:

With a chopstick heavy play style you typically want a yo-yo with a slightly smaller diameter to increase trick accuracy. With a 54 mm diameter, the Chopsticks Gorilla is definitely smaller than most competition level yo-yos, but in play it has all the power and stability of a much larger model.

A small yo-yo with enough stability to combat tilt through intense hops and horizontal combos; The Chopsticks Gorilla meets the champion level performance required by Akiba. Fitted with HKMT Grip-N response and Yoyorecreation DS bearing, this yo-yo is ready to perform!

Releasing Friday 6/11 @ 8PM EDT.


Man oh man that red, by far the best looking gorilla thus far, for some reason these throws always seem to drop when I can’t spend the coin! Nice looking stuff though!


FWIW, I suspect it is a dark red, darker than it appears in those photos.

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Yeah I’m assuming it matches my new trucks color, which is also the reason I can’t buy one lol.

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ooo the raw chopsticks gorilla is tempting… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: