Yoyorecreation Chopsticks Gorilla - New color release!

The latest Yoyoreceration release is a signature model for 2019 Japan Champion Hirotaka Akiba! Akiba’s unique play style has earned him the nickname Chopsticks Gorilla, so it’s the perfect name for his signature yo-yo!

With a chopstick heavy play style you typically want a yo-yo with a slightly smaller diameter to increase trick accuracy. With a 54 mm diameter, the Chopsticks Gorilla is definitely smaller than most competition level yo-yos, but in play it has all the power and stability of a much larger model.

Saturday 1/16 @ 10AM EST.



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@YoYoExpertGarrett, How are you doing today?
Is it possible that YYE would have the Kento edition available?
Thanks a lot!

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Yes, we should have them online this week. :slightly_smiling_face: