Chopsticks Gorilla returns!

Chopsticks Gorilla returns!


It’s been a minute and we are happy to have a handful available starting tonight at 8PM ET! Blue w/ black rings shows off the really neat aesthetics of this design from the amazing designers at yoyorecreation.


This throw is a mistery to me, I really like to read something about this specific throw.
Anyone have it?

First time I saw it, I googled Hirotaka Akiba, and man, he is insane. He had some very depth tutorial about chopsticks and variations which for me has been very instructive. He uses this throw… the dark one looks absolutely beautiful…
I was watching when there would be a restock for this product, I didn’t really like this blue version, and the lack of videos, reviews and even testimonials about this yoyo makes me rethink … Hirotaka uses it as a genius, and yet, there is not so much information about it… I’m curious.