Chopsticks Gorilla returns!

Chopsticks Gorilla returns!


It’s been a minute and we are happy to have a handful available starting tonight at 8PM ET! Blue w/ black rings shows off the really neat aesthetics of this design from the amazing designers at yoyorecreation.


This throw is a mistery to me, I really like to read something about this specific throw.
Anyone have it?

First time I saw it, I googled Hirotaka Akiba, and man, he is insane. He had some very depth tutorial about chopsticks and variations which for me has been very instructive. He uses this throw… the dark one looks absolutely beautiful…
I was watching when there would be a restock for this product, I didn’t really like this blue version, and the lack of videos, reviews and even testimonials about this yoyo makes me rethink … Hirotaka uses it as a genius, and yet, there is not so much information about it… I’m curious.

This yo-yo is awesome. I have a bag full of the latest throws and this one gets more than its fair share of use. It has a very unique personality, but all the performance you expect from YYR. I put a quick-review on the product page a while back. If you pick one up; I am sure you will not be disappointed.


Thanks YoyoGeezer, when I was looking for more information about this yoyo, all I had found was your comment at YoyoExpert review. So when I saw your reply on this tread I was happy!
Thanks once again, do you have any video of you using this throw? I really would like to see a video of it on play. Sure, Akiban-san also uses this throw on his tutorial, but is it the same?
Maybe a response pad mod, or bearing change… it’s hard to know, maybe he told that on his videos, but I can’t undertand japanese, so I wouldn’t know. LOL If you have a channel, let me know, I would like to see this yoyo and other latest ones :wink:


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Akiba uses Platinum NSK DS bearing instead of the economy DS bearing that it comes with.

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I assure you that when I use the Chopsticks Gorilla it is nothing like when Akiba uses it. I base my opinion on buying and selling way more yo-yo’s than I should and playing them with my relatively small quiver of tricks.

No Mars; its not the shoes…

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Hahahahaha, amazing!
I understand what you mean, however, you have an experience with several yoyos, new and old, and probably not biased due to sponsorship (and possible professional arrangements) and this more pragmatic and empirical view makes your experience valid and meaningful for noobs like me. ^^

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Not going to lie the only reason I didn’t pick one up is that color, something about that aqua in any brand I just can’t do it just feels too early 2010 to me

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I’ll second that.

Their official store has one with gold rims and a black body.

Ty for the tip on that!

I’m overseas, sometimes purchasing products can be difficult, but with YoyoExpert its pretty straighforward, I do agree with their moto: Make Simple Amazing. International purchase shouldn’t be complicated, but sometimes it can surprise you.

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Now they are all gone?

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We have another color enroute - black w/ rose gold rims that looks amazing.


I need clear with a rose gold/pink rim. One of my dream colorways, but probably very hard/impossible to get on an SS rim

@AndreBoulay maybe an off topic question, but do we also have a new batch of Almighty coming up as well?

Can’t wait for my Gorilla - arriving tomorrow. I actually like the black/blue combo.

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Yes! And they are also pretty stunning looking!



Thank you! I have been waiting for awhile for this :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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New color batch on the store :slight_smile: