The all new InvisiYo yo-yo features a invisible body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of PrankYo ever famous invisible technology. With the invisble you can literally not see the yo-yo from the sides or front!

And of course with a name like the INVISIYO - you have to expect this yo-yo to be invisible. The INVISIYO actually features an invisible design. Intermediate players will love this yo-yo for its invisible body. Experts will love that you can not see what you are doing. As one of the most expensive yo-yos on the market its one that belongs in every collection. You will forget you aren’t throwing an all invisible yo-yo!

NOW ONLY $98,000! (+ TAX, SH, P)


But I just spend $10,000 over at the Nation for the DV888. You think you’re gonna get $98K out of me? I want pictures first…

Yeah, I wanna see how this yoyo LOOKS

^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^
That should be what it looks like.

That looks crazy dude! I can’t wait till this comes out. I just want to stare at it all day!

Try looking at the wall. ;D

My InvisiYo has been sleeping for about 2 weeks now.

Woah, when was it released?

My InvisiYo has been sleeping for about 2 weeks now. And if you would like see pictures, I have one right below.

Beautiful, just beutiful.

heres a picture right below!

oh yeah, you cant see it, its invisible! :smiley:

Where is the backround of all the pictures of the Invisiyo?

It reminds me of a catch 22 but much lighter and smoother and quieter and easer to play with and cheaper lol and it won’t get stolen and it is just cooler and I love it and I want a pony.

Here it is spinning in front of a picture of the pony I want lol

Heres a comparison w/ the Peak:

Oh my gosh you can’t even see the hubsacks. Wait are there hubstacks? Later.

Keep it spinning™

PS i know your thinking man this in not a serous post why is he putting his signature up there? Becuse i will never ever not put my sig on there.

Yeah, see, I thought I wanted this…

Too bad it’s an obvious Project ripoff.

For all who don’t understand, this is a humoristic approach to a yo-yo. It is not a real yo-yo, but a make believe one. This is why you should go buy yours today. :slight_smile:

The InvisiYO has an official website. PICTURES, OVERVIEW, and more. You can visit it at:

OMG!!! I bought one today and it hit me in the head! I didn’t know what hit me! ;D

Nice Ti-84 :slight_smile: