New Forum suggestion: Permanent Stickies!

This idea hit me today when someone was complaining on Facebook about buying a bootleg Positron and I wanted to direct them to here to read the article.

I think there should be an area for Stickied threads to live that while may not get tons of traffic, are considered valuable resources that users can browse and easily find. I also feel these should be locked and are read only except for administration and the original poster to add information to.

New players come here and ask the same questions over and over. That’s a fact of life. But, if we can direct them to one location to get many of their answers, I think the new users will be happier seeing such a resource area.

Such topics might include the “how to clean a bearing”, Elephark’s paper cleaning method of cleaning bearings, the “how to spot a bootleg” thread that was stickied, and “how to tune a yoyo”. Other topics can be added as administration sees fit to add.

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But just imagine how many there could end up being and trying to search through all of them just for one topic.

I just think there should be a help section. With a bunch of stickied topics.

Also, if someone made a buyers guide, that would also be good. Samad, who was on the forums awhile back made one but since there are so many new yoyos and everything, it has become obsolete. Because I always see people asking what yoyo to buy. I could do it but I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a whole new section of the YYE website for this

a buyers guide would have to be constantly updated by someone that buy’s every yoyo made… Samads was good but it was too difficult to maintain.

What if Andre did it?

Then I think he’d not have enough time for a lot of other things that could be considered more beneficial.

I think a buyers guide that talks in generalities is the only way to go, not a “model by model” thing. Provide users with information that they can digest, process and utilize will work a lot better.

i made a buyers guide but it got lost in the traffic of the forum

I’m working on a database. Models, specs. Good for buying and maintenance. This will be the core of a database later on.

I need help adding models to it. I’m at almost 400 models. I’m taking a break on it as I have other projects that are more urgent to deal with. The more people help, the sooner it gets done and the quicker it can benefit others and perhaps be finally used to populate a database. Once things are rolling, adding updates shouldn’t be a big deal.