New Forum Expert - Welcome GregP!


thats awesome man! gratz!


Congrats! A well deserving member if the expert team! And I look forward to your awesome interactions with this community and thank you for your input and being a positive member of this great community!


What took so long?! Haha! Jokes aside, congrats GregP! Totally well deserved!


Congratulations Greg! Well deserved!


congrats, greg’…thank you for everythin’.




Thanks everybody! As most of you know, my breadth of yoyo experience isn’t as vast as some of the other people around here. Not having been involved in yoyo for as long as someone like, say, yoyodoc, I don’t know every piece of history about players, booms, and models as I wish I did. But I guess as a bit of an addict I’ve come across one or two bits of information I can share, especially for the beginning and intermediate players.

I won’t ever claim to know more than I do, but I will be the best eXpert that I can be. :smiley:

Thanks for the honor, André, YYE, moderators, and other forum eXperts. And mostly, thanks to all y’all forum members that keep me addicted enough to this forum so that I can continue to learn and share in all things yoyo.



All together now!! ;D

“For he’s a jolly good fellow! For heee’s a jolly good feeeeelllloooowwww!”




Great job Greg! You really deserved this title. The contributions you have made to the YYE community are too many to count!

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But of course! Congrats!




I was waiting for when this would happen. :smiley: Congrats!


Woot woot!






Danke, danke! You guys are the best!


Yay for greg p hes not offically awesome IMO ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


are the faces symbolizing that he is now awesome? Because he is certainly awesome!!!
I have a million thanks to give him! So…

THANKS x 1,000,000


When I first saw this I was like finally!

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