New Forum Expert - Welcome GregP!


Way to go, Greg. You deserve it.


Big congrats!


Congrats Mr. Greg! It’s been super cool to see you around, and meet, you and talk to you! And you certainly deserve the title ‘forum expert’!

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GregP forum eXpert! WoooHooo!!


Yay Greg!!!


Called it!
Congrats GregP!

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Congratulations my favorite forum member :slight_smile:


Speech! Speeeeeeeeeeccchhhh!!! taps glass with fork




Congrats, GregP :)! I have quoted you probably about two or three times when you had given advice. You really are a Forum eXpert.


Congrats!!! You are what it’s all about man!!! SO deserved!!!


The only thing that would complete this thread would be the man himself.


Congrats! You deserve it.


Woot! Go other Greg;P


it’s about time

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Excellent choice for Forum Expert. Congratulations To GregP.

Not quite sure why TotalArtist hasn’t been named a forum expert already, she should have been one for awhile now in my opinion. Besides Studio, she’s the most helpful person on the Forum that I’ve seen. Definitely deserves the next one.

Also, everyone brace yourselves for the huge influx of the following type of posts:
“hw do u becom an form exprt”

Just answer it by saying, “If you’re the type of person that has to ask this question you probably shouldn’t be a forum expert.”

Anyways Congrats again GregP, you deserved it.


Congrats Greg! You earned it!


Good for you Greg.

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I’m really glad GregP is a forum eXpert. He is super approachable and never puts himself above another. Always helpful, polite and balanced in his responses. Great addition.