New Forum eXpert and Moderator

Well this was extremely delayed.  Honest truth is we are BUSY!
(It is a good problem to have - we are not complaining).
However this has been a long time coming so help us by congratulating our newest forum eXpert Paolo!!!

View his profile here:

Also we are excited to name our second moderator.
Congratulations (and huge thank you) to JM!

Thank you all for making these forums AMAZING.  Keep up the great work!

Congrats everyone!

Congrats…WOW JM Moderator…


There’s no possible way to disagree with those choices. Paolo deserved it and JM will be a great mod.

Wonderful! Congrats to both of you!

Yayyyy! Congrats Paolo! You deserved it! And you too JM! ;D

Thanks for selecting me André!

JM, really glad you’re a Moderator now. Good luck with that job! I’m sure you’ll do awesome!

congratz Paolo and JM both of you deserved it

Congratz, JM deserved to be a Moderator, and I knew Paolo had a big chance! Again, Congratz!

Congratulations to the both of you!


Jason can go all

on me now?!?!?!!?!!?

That’s what I was thinking. We better watch ourselves in the chat, haha.

Congrats y’all!

I’ve never been much of a hammer type of guy… personally I prefer swords with +2 to strength (yes…I did just make that joke. I’m ashamed too). This community is pretty calm and most everyone respects each other, which makes this job really easy. I doubt the thunderous roar of the almighty banhammer will be heard very often.

and congradulations!

Awesome! Congratz Paolo and JM! Thanks for being such helps on these forums!

Congrats to both of you!!!

Oh gosh he’s been unleashed…
Anyways congrats man. You too Paolo.

I can honestly say that its about time a new Moderator was chosen. Dr.YoYo was evidently too busy.

Good choice on the mod too!

I must say, Andre, this just proves that you’re a genius! :wink: