New Fist Salud Looping String!


New Fist Salud Loop String Lite was designed to enhance your 2A experience! Made from a poly/nylon blend to give you the best balance for looping and sleep tricks, these strings have a great feel in play. They’re shorter (85 cm) to reduce waste when cutting strings for 2A and available in several vibrant colors!


I got some of this and WOWwwww 85cm is short. Like, even my 9 year old son has a longer string on his 1A yo-yos! Bee tee dubs, that’s 33½ inches for those of us stuck on the dumb imperial system.

Is 85cm really the recommended length for looping yo-yos?


Bottom of pocket to waist length is ideal.

Idk where 85cm is relative to me but I’m 5’6 and loop lower pocket length


Yeah for me this length is basically bottom of the pants pocket to ground, perhaps a bit shorter. Feels mega short.


That is ideal height then :+1:

You’re making the yoyo loop in circles, there is really no need for a longer string :joy:


I like my loop circles ROUND… and BIG.

And when I’m throwing a yoyo, I just can’t help myself. I’m acting like an animal.


Baby got bottom of the pocket.


Yeah 33 inches should be plenty long for looping string. I just measured mine and they’re around 29.5 inches from the knot.