New FH2 Problem!

Hi guys,

Upon opening my new 2010 FH2 I took out both stickers and siliconed both recesses. The FH2 was as responsive as ever, and the silicon started ripping out. The people on the forums seemingly had no problem siliconing the recess. ??? Now i’m trying one side siliconed, the other with a friction sticker. Will this make it less responsive?

Also, my FH2 has a nasty vibe! Everyone i’ve heard says it is smooth with little to no vibe. What is the possible cause of the vibration, and how could I fix it?

Anyone know what I should do?

To make this yo-yo unresponsive you need to clean the bearing. To do this, remove the shields on the bearing and clean the bearing in mineral spirits (paint thinner). Let it dry, and put in a TINY dab of YYJ thin lube. Then your FH2 should be more unresponsive.

Also, it would be very difficult for silicone to stay in this recess. It will stay but not for long. I would recommend getting some Duncan silicone stickers and using one with the bearing cleaned. This will be a good setup for what you are looking for.

The new FH2’s are supposed to have silicone recesses. It should work fine. Make sure that you make the silicone flush/raised and not recessed into the groove because then the silicone will have a bigger tendency to come out.

As for the vibe, are you sure it isn’t your throw? Do the finger test.

The new FH2’s have a pad recess which is much shallower than a sili recess. This will cause the sili to rip out easily since it is spread thin and over a large surface area.

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I do have a pretty bad throw, but I tried the finger test, and it still vibed.

It may have still vibed after the finger test because of the not grind-friendly polycarbonate plastic, though.

I already cleaned the bearing while the silicon was drying, but I don’t have any thin lube.

Polycarb grinds just fine. It sounds like it’s the yoyo. Where did you buy it from and when?

Silicone sealants/gasket makers aren’t going to work well.

I think it’s the shape & texture of the surface (that makes contact with your skin) (design) that makes the FH not that great for grinding.

The Die nasty is better for grinds, both the FH and Dienasty are made of Polycarb.
The Dienasty has a raised and textured outer surface.

It’s not just material.

I bought it from Toys R Us, on monday evening.

You might be able to take it back and tell them it came with a problem. Or talk to Duncan perhaps.

I was able to tune my FH2 thanks to mrcnja’s post on how to tune a FHz.

I got most of the vibe out, it just has a little vibe, just barely not enou;ght to drive me crazy ::slight_smile:

The silicon ripped out again, although I found that having a duncan friction sticker in one side and nothing on the other side makes it unresponsive ;D Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

the thing is the silicone recess isnt deep like a dv888 or genesis. you need to recess it further but you would have to silicone the hole sticker part because the silicone would be much less than flush and you would need to go as deep as those circle indentations