new DNA 888

Anybody heard of it? If you have could you post a picture?

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go to the news tab above and scroll down there was an article posted with mainly pics

I wrote an article about it (see link above). If anyone has anymore news, please tell me.

I saw a post about it on another forum.(the most popular one) it is in the yo yo showcase section.
Donot want to link to another site. Hope you can figure it out.It is posted by myth.

Cool. What about the DV888? Any info on that?

The DNA 888’s color/coat looks like The Cut.

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Not really. It looks nothing like the Cut. It looks raw.

Well, its your opinion Samad, And I just thought the way it looks. :-[

Happy Throwing! =]

Man, that thing is nice. I hope it will be let out soon. I’ll buy one. :wink:


I like the look of it, and the cool SHINY GOLD!

They have the pre-production version at yyn:

What is the DV 8888? I have not heard of it.

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I’ll tell you guys how they are! I’m gonna try them tomorrow. Also, I’ll tell you how the Mighty Flea is!

I just ordered one and Im very exited to try it out