New custom personal titanium yoyo proposal

Hey all -

We have been thinking about making a titanium yoyo which has custom initials and messages engraved into the face. This would make the yoyo safer if someone mislaid it, and will easily be found and returned to its owner because of initials/personal details engraving. Also it makes the yoyo very personal to the owner and a great gift to a loved one!

Please reply and comment your thoughts towards this and tell us what you think of this idea to make it a reality!

Yours sincerely

-Marcus Osborne :smiley:

I think that it would be very time consuming and very very expensive.

I don’t see it happening. Feel free to prove me wrong.

That’s cool and all, but it will get very costly. There are two new titaniums when there haven’t been any new ones in over a year. Now is a bad time. Any design proposals?

pics or t nt goin t happen

From the forum rules:

Thank you for your responses, your feedback is really valuable and important. We are working on some pictures. What price range do you think would be appropriate for a custom Titanium?

The market right now suggests ~$300. Tight margins…

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This sounds like a good idea, but then if you wanted to sell or trade it, it would not turn out well. Honestly, not really my kind of thing, but good luck.

Actually, just had a thought:

This kind of thing would be, although very expensive, a great gift for a non-yoyoer who has shown lots of interest in your yoyoing. Like a parent, grandparent, close friend, other family member, so on and so on. Just maybe not for the yoyo player who only keeps a yoyo for a year.

Do that with cheap aluminum

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Quite frankly I don’t see that custom engraving would be very much extra as far as cost goes, particularly for a titanium yoyo. It has to be a very small percentage compared to the total cost.

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waits for yoyodoc