New Company! 6th Sense YoYo Design


Hello all! I am very glad to announce that I, Luke Torres, am in collaboration with 6th Sense to create a new YoYo! I assume the significance of this thread is to get all of you hyped, because this may very well be the design of the future! Ben Bod, the owner, has requested me to do a collaborative CAD design of some of his very favorite throws, the Chief, SkyWalker and the Genesis for a very unique and original addition to the community. As per our first release, the colorways will be based on the 5 senses, and let me assure they will not fall short of stunning. Even though this will be the first major investment, we assure perfect quality that will hopefully deliver in all fields of fun and athleticism. Stable and floatatious is what we are going for, and I know you guys will not be disappointing. With all of these new companies popping up, such as Deadly Spins, G-Squared and Eternal Throw, we will have some definite competition.

-Unofficial statistics-
Diameter- 56.00 mm
Weight- 67.6 g
Width- 41.90 mm
Bearing- C sized 10 ball
Response- Flow Groove

Hold your horses! Excitment must wait, because this good ol’ design may not be ready for a few months, so Ben decided to create a clothing line, which will be released quite soon! We will try our hardest to get products on YoYoExpert, but if it is not possible, there is always Ben’s future online store.

Here is a picture of the shirt in creation:

—patent pending—



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Hmmm… Thanks for that :confused:


Always nice to see someone new try their hand at producing a quality throw.

Not sure how taking ideas from other existing throws will result in a particularly “unique” or “original” design but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the actual product to see if that’s the case.

I guess it’s really hard to come up with something truly original in the current market. It can be done, just check out X-Cube, but it’s not something I’ve come to expect from most manufacturers.


Cant wait!


The design won’t be out for months? When can we expect a release, Thanksgiving 2014?






Well, I am working on the CAD design right now, and it should be out by Christmas. As far as official release dates, it is unconfirmed and is up to Ben to arrange that.


Always nice to see someone new try their hand at producing a quality throw.

We are going far away from the mainstream yoyo, and as far as I myself know, it will be a new and shocking release. The design ideas and drawings are pretty neat so far, and all I can say is- Angles.




No offense, but i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of those shirts in public.

(2Sick Joey) #14

In my opinion, the shirts would be better with the the 6th Sense design on the front middle. Its a neat logo and i think a simple placement without the extra text would look better! Wish the best with your endeavors


Hey guys! This is Ben the owner of Sixth Sense YoYo. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that I won’t be releasing the yoyo (s) for a bit. I am having trouble with funds. I really want my design to get out there in the yoyo community. But I can’t do it for right now. I will be back with an update soon. I will have the shirts released sometime this weekend. Thanks for you interested! Wish me luck. I hope for the best! Shout out to Luke (Lexos), thanks for all of your help putting my design in a cad. I will be trying my best to come up with money. Thanks!


The prophesy is being fulfilled.


The amazing fortune teller has done it!






Both are correct.*