New Collection Suggestions

I stopped throwing back in 2015. I’m looking to get back into. That said the landscape has changed a bit since I’ve been gone and I’m looking for recommendations. As far as throws I liked back then I really liked the Bonfire and Valor for every day play along with my G2 Triton if I wanted something a bit more floaty. My first new purchase is a B-Grade Manatee. I’ve also been looking at possibly a Kuntosh 5000QV and an OD x SF SK (if I can find one). So was just wondering what the reader of this thread thought about those 2. I also saw A-RT, pretty sure that’s a newer company and was just wondering some people could describe the play of the Grail and Quail? Sorry to end on a sour note but I guess I should also mention that I personally didn’t like the play of the Peak, Puffin, or canvas back when I played. I also found the AC2 and Draupnir to be lacking in personality though I wouldn’t call them bad throws by any stretch. So in short what are your suggestions for throws/companies I should check out since 2015. Thanks for your input and happy throwing!


A-RT is definitely the place to look for organics that are almost universally praised by organic yoyo lovers. Besides that, however, I’d say that you can’t go wrong with One Drop or G2 throws as a general rule. They are always solid performers in every respect. Which ones you’ll like will depend on what kind of shapes you prefer and what kind of play experience you’re after.