new c-bearing maverick?!? AVAILABLE WITH KONKAVE BEARING?!?!

SO the other day I went to toys r us to pick up a Pro-z since I had some extra cash, and I saw the yomega maverick. However, it interested me because it looked different than usual and I had heard that they had been redesigned with a c-size bearing and silicone sticker response. So I headed over to the yomega website when I got home and it was true! Even better they had a package that included … a konkave bearing!?! If you don’t believe me check it out yourself. Anyways, I was wondering… has anyone tried one of the new ones, and are they worth the money?

I don’t think the C-Bearing Mavericks are sold at Toysrus yet.

Same goes for the ooch moove too.

Gaah! I wish they’ll let people with the old Mavericks trade for a redesigned one :frowning:

That would be like Apple allowing us to swap out our old iPhone for the newest model. I wouldn’t mind picking up the newer/revisited Maverick or the Dash. I loved the old one (was my first decent metal) but was itching for a wider gap rather quick as I was progressing pretty fast. I do wish they’d revisit how their response system is set up (so we can either silicone without a huge glob or use 3rd party response pads).