New Breed, PGMv2, or Legacy????

I’ve been wanting to pick up a New Breed, PGMv2, and a Legacy but I’m not sure what one. I like the size of all of these (I have big hands) and they all have features that I like. I’m looking for other opinions on these Yo’s. What one would you pick?

I would personally go with the New Breed - simply because I already own the Legacy and like the shape of the New Breed over the PGM. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think going with shape would be the easiest way to choose, though. :wink:

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Me personaly? I’d steer twards a Hitman or X-con… But out of those probably a PGM…I’ve never tried one… The Legacy is great though…  and I cant stand my New Breed any more…

Heres my Review for when I was still under the “Honey Moon” effect… (I think JM came up with that one…)

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The New Breed is what I’d want. Big and phat. I love the play of metal-rimmed YYJ’s, I’m just no fan of that gap and the hybrid response. You won’t get that with the New Breed. If Every power in the universe kep me from getting a New Breed, I’d get a Legacy.

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Thanks guys!!! I have a Die Nasty and I know than the PGM and the Die are almost the same and I do love my Die. I have been leaning towards the New Breed over all but I have to make sure I have the cash before dropping $40 on a new Yo.