New Breed(In Hand)

hey guys. My first yoyo of the new age of unresponsive play arrived today and I am thoroughly impressed with it so far. here’s a pic of my order below:

It came with one of the signed pictures to my amazement so thats cool and all. Im currently learning how to bind well but I am very impressed with it’s sleep time. It’s sleep time clocked in at about 2 minutes(my throw is bad currently) and I love the shape. it has a nice and wide gap and the bearing is huge! The weight is alright, I wish it was slightly heavier but I’ll live. The plastic part is perfectly smooth contrary to the photos currently on here that has the little lines going through the plastic. overall I really like this, it sleeps super long compared to any other yoyo I’ve ever used and I highly reccomend this one!

Wow, you are very lucky!
I’m glad you are enjoying this yoyo. :smiley:

sweet! keep up the practice and you’ll be binding in no time!

Wow, lucky ;D I really want one :’(

Ahhhh! Lucky! What color?

Looks black to me.

yep, it’s the black one. Just got binding down really well today and currently working on the matrix trick.