new breed and dark magic

What are the diffrences between new breed and dark magic. wich sleeps longer,witch is more resposeve with spacers, with is bigger, those and more diffrents.

Neither will sleep longer, but both will sleep long.
Newbreed’s a bit bigger, made of celcon/metal.
Both are good for fast play I think but if you don’t know how to bind then a DM is good for learning how, you could easily adjust the gap to your liking. Te NB is also good.
A preference, maybe try to put some of your preferences in.

The New Breed is bigger and is completely unresponsive. The Dark Magic is Hybrid but won’t be too responsive with spacers. I would say the sleep time is all in the throw. On a good throw you can expect to get at least 3 minutes out of each one of them. I would say a Dark Magic is more Beginner than the New Breed. If your aren’t a beginner you will have more fun with the New Breed in my opinion.