New Bind!

It’s kinda complicated. But I like it for some reason. It takes around 2 seconds, but still, it looks better.

So, you just do the first part of And Whut, doing a double or nothing using your thumb. Then, you dismount from a double or nothing, and into a trapeze. Drop the string on your thumb.

If you look, there is something funny going on with the string. It’s winded around itself. This is what makes it more reliable. Now, simply pull, and move your non-throwhand over to the side of the yoyo your throwhand is not on. It’ll come up.

If you want, during the double or nothing, you can do the roll in And Whut, and make it work for wider yoyos.

Thats basically doing a double bind with an extra step…

Not really… the strings cross.

Thats a double bind.
No seriously, it is a double bind.

K? Any other ways to do it?

I think its cool!

I am not sure if it new or not, but hey! You figured it out yourself!

You didnt need help or a video to learn it, you did it, you were showing your creative side, and it resulted in something new for you!

I say good on you!

Keep throwing!


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