New bearing has slight play


I just received a dv888 from my wife for Christmas, and noticed that the bearing spun well but has some slight play in it. It,s the bearing and not the seat.
I never had this with the bearings in my other yoyo’s. Anyone else out there have this issue, and is it normal?



What does play in the bearing mean?


It means that the bearing is loose. It wobbles a bit and when seated has side to side movement.


Like when the yoyo is spinning? When the bearing is in the yoyo spin spin twist with your hand, does it feel smooth? If so good, nothing to worry about, if it does you should clean it (never hurts) to see if that helps at all. If it doesn’t contact yoyofactory or the place where you bought it from.


I assure you, that is not a problem. Spec bearings feel a bit more loose like it’s going to fall apart, but never will.


pic plz


With all non precision bearings it’s all in the luck of the draw.
Some are good-some aren’t.