New Ahmad Kharisma signature yoyo - The YoYoPalace JOURNEY!

Since Ahmad Kharisma started yoyo in 2008, he has rapidly risen, won the first place in Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships in 2013 and 2014, and frequently showed his excellent skills and unique style in the World Yo-Yo Contest finals in the past few years.

YoYoPalace worked closely with Kharisma and took into account the performance demands from players around the world to determine the ideal shape and size for the Journey. It features a bi-metal construction with a comfortable rounded profile and a unique steel ring fit inside the cup. The steel ring looks large, but don’t be alarmed by the size - The double ring construction of the rings and where they are attached to the arc of the aluminum body gives the Journey a very smooth and uniform weight distribution. It’s perfect for speedy play and has enough power to keep you going even at low RPMs.

The name Journey was inspired by Ahmad Kharisma’s competition history over the last 12 years. Each event he competed in (There’s 77 by the way!) is listed in the yoyo engraving to give this yoyo a cool look and a meaningful story. Whether you’re on the stage competing with the pros or relaxing with a throw at home, the Journey is a great choice for any style.

Releasing Wednesday 6/9 @ 9PM EDT


This shape looks so good


The engraving is also pretty amazing.


That’s when people nowadays say “no cap.”

This reminds me of the Sputnik. Just me?


Everything I’ve tried from YoYoPalace has been pretty amazing. Looking forward to this one.


Sputnik was like an unofficial Ahmad Kharisma sig, so it makes sense. YYR didn’t really do sigs at the time I think.


Interesting tidbit, didn’t know that. Thanks for the history lesson!

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I don’t understand what those rings are about.

Wow, looks fun!

Yo can fill that groove with flowable silicone to add rim weight. :smiley:

Actually, you could probably old-school fit an o-ring in there…

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If I had to guess the inner ring is to add more kid and center weight and the second outer ring is to add more rim weight . Either way looks pretty cool

Looks like the successor to the answer!