New Adegle looping yoyo

So this is the new looping yoyo from Adegle. It may be my first looping yoyo. The first thing I noticed was the cool colors, and I then noticed the spiral starburst response. I think this is an interesting idea, but I think it might be inconsistent. Here’s a picture of it:

How do you think this will turn out?

Well before they release any throws they are going to test it, and they probable aren’t going to release it if it didn’t loop well. Looks like a neat idea but we won’t know until we try it.

Very interesting design. I’m loving the side graphics. Probably gonna have to pick up a pair if they’re cheap.

the side graphics are nice. I don’t really like starburst response, but I’ve never played a looper with one.

Starburst works well in loopers, it just tends to make an annoying noise.

I like that ‘annoying’ noise though. Makes me feel like I’m actually looping :]
Ahh, 2013 is defintely gonna be 2A year for me. This is gonna be an addition to the 2A pairs to buy :smiley:

Looks cool!


Interesting concept with the spiraling starburst. Since each half spirals opposite, it should ensure fairly even returns.

I don’t really care for the cap graphics though. The colors are very bright, but Adegle seems to have this as a “signature” kind of thing, so I’m fine with that. Get a non-matching pair and swap halves, that should be very effective!

Quite common actually. The yomega raider uses it as does the spintastics technics, duncan imperial, and the shinwoo loop among others.

The spiral starburst. Has that been used before?

You know, looking at the pictures further, I noticed that the response is on an insert of sorts, like a cap on the inside. I wonder if different caps with different response types will be available? Because if so, that would be really, really cool.

That would be awesome.

I think you are mistaking the mold lines for an insert. (Personal opinion)

There is a definite change from colored to clear plastic on the inside of the yoyo. Seems that the bearing seat is also made of the same colored plastic of the body.

That would be cool, but I’d prefer something a little bit more rugged rather than being attached by a few key points. What would be cool is if they could add a bit more center weight and do it more like the RecRev loopers, and then have a drop in response module that almost acts similar to an SPR system.

That probably goes beyond their intended price point.

I agree. Probably way beyond that price point.

Manufacturers looking to make looping yoyos… hint hint…

Duncan also has the new hornet coming out so who knows maybe 2013 will be a 2a year. :wink:

Called the inner cap thing. I wonder how it’ll effect the play, and how many different kinds there will be (if there will be any extra ones at all)

Woopsie, posted on the wrong thread…

However, in an attempt to make this post somewhat useful, I am incredibly pumped for this yoyo and will absolutely be getting a pair.