C3yoyodesign Initiator


Opening: Looping tricks are probably the most eye catching of all yo-yo styles. After all, I mean manipulating two yo-yo’s looks amazing, but there is one thing: is it very difficult to learn. It was that difficulty that made me avoid practicing that style of play. That ended a while back when I bought a pair of Yoyofactory Loop 900’s and started learning some 2a and bought a pair of Loop 808’s and practiced with those as well. I got more into it as I found the Youtube chanmel “Kenticore” and followed his tips and improved a lot. I liked the Loop 900’s due to the shape, response system, and adjustment mechanism; and I also like the Loop 808’s due to low maintenance. The only downside for me was my Loop 900’s cracked a while back so I cannot use those and the response on my Loop 808’s rips out too fast in my experience. I wanted a yo-yo that is the balance having a starburst response system, comfortable shape, and plays great with low maintenance. C3yoyodesign has been one of my favorite yo-yo companies forever now and when they released the second run of Initiators, I knew I had to get them so I did and this is where the review begins.

Specs (Source: Yoyoexpert.com):
Diameter: 58.62mm/ 2.31in.
Width: 35.97mm/ 1.42in. (New Run only comes with metal spacers)
Gap Width: 2.70mm/ 0.11in.
Weight: 53.25 grams
Bearing: Raider Bearing
Response: Starburst

First Impressions: Got these yo-yo’s in the Green with White cap color and they look amazing, I love them. When I opened them, I noticed the metal spacers and I wondered how they would play now without the extra plastic spacers like in their old run. The Initiator also come with a string, I believe it is polyester kitty string (please correct me if I am wrong). The shape was also very comfortable. Another thing I disliked about the Loop 808 was the way it felt in my hand, maybe it is just me but I felt them awkward having the flat cap. The shape of the Initiator, however, felt very comfortable as they have more rounded caps. When it comes to 2a play, I always go for 50/50 string since I have gotten repeated advice telling me to use that kind instead of the 100% polyester since it can rip fast, please let me know in the comments which string you prefer for looping tricks. I put on 50/50 string on each yo-yo and began to test them.

Play: On my very first throw I wanted to check if they can sleep, and they did sleep for a bit, not too much though. Sometimes I noticed they did not sleep and they would just shoot back to my hand. However, any looping trick not requiring the yo-yo to sleep worked well, such as inside/outside loops, hop-the-fence, shoot the moon, etc. The Initiator handled these tricks really well. It was when I got to around the worlds and wraps that I had problems as the yo-yo would only sleep for a bit and die out or it would just shoot back to my hand. After getting the same results repeatedly for a few days, I made the decision to change from using 50/50 string to the string included in the package to see if it could make a difference in sleep times, and am I glad I made that decision. The Initiator slept longer than before. I tried doing a small wrap combo I have been working on and the Initiator handled it no problem. Double around the worlds also worked well and tangler was also a success. Playing with 100% polyester string really made the difference and I will now use that instead of the 50/50 string I used before. The Initiator sleeps when you want it to but is also very responsive when you want it to be. Not having the extra white spacers was not a problem since the yo-yo’s play well as they are.

Final thoughts: I really love this pair of looping yo-yo’s as they have exactly what I was looking for in a 2a yo-yo, a starburst response system, a comfortable shape and require minimal maintenance, just change the string and add some looping oil when preferred. I think these yo-yo’s would be ideal for any one new to looping tricks since they are simple to understand, and they would also be an ideal competition throw, just look at what Henson Chan Chun Hay and Ryo Yamashita can do with them. Unfortunately I cannot compare them to the original Initiator’s released earlier that came with extra plastic spacers since I do not own those. C3yoyodesign has excellent yo-yo’s for any style of play and they nailed the 2a yo-yo market with the Initiator. I am personally satisfied with this yo-yo and love everything about it. Please tell me what you think. Also please provide any feedback in regard to my review, or any experience you have with other looping yo-yo’s, etc. Thank you in advance.