C3YOYODESIGN Inititator help

Ok, so i just got a c3yoyo Initiator to play around with looping and I can’t seem to figure out how to get this thing a little more responsive…I took out the metal spacers and put the plastic ones in and it is still just a little too “loose” It hesitates coming out of a sleeper…Is there any way to adjust it just a little more to get it a little more responsive?

Give it a bit more string tension.

Or I know some people over tighten their yoyos on purpose… (Do at your own risk)

SOLVED I found a video on youtube that shows how to adjust this yoyo…no over tightening required thank goodness.

Lube the bearing with a thicker oil or grease. 3-in-1 oil works good on loopers. Personally I like to pack the bearing with white moly grease. Vaseline works as well. Also as noted keep the string wound (twisted) tight. Note that looping will untwist the string if you throw right handed and tigthen it if you throw left handed so you need to adjust it as you play.

I will def work on keeping the string tight also…ty for the advice…i did learn that little ufo trick for adjusting string tightness…i’ll just do that every so often.

Just to add not necessarily answering the question, high level players tend to use looser setting and some of them don’t even use lube at all, it’s all in the technique. Once you are good at it, you may want to make it a little looser.
For me personally, setting the gap too narrow will make it feel less ‘direct’ and actually more difficult to use.

Initiators have a pretty interesting gap adjustment system, changing out the spacers will not really do anything on its own. If you found the video then i’m guessing you that have it figured out by now though.

It takes a little trial and error to get them setup right, but once you do they play great.

Yeah it’s a VERY interesting system but I like it…and now that I have it set up the way I like it is quite fun to play with…I really love the size and weight of this yoyo

The way it’s setup is similar to how you reset Raiders/Fireballs when you overcrank it, basically by pulling the nuts inside the yoyo that will then alter the gap. Except on the Initiator it’s intentional and reversible.