Neuae vs. Diffusion vs. Rally


Out of these three which one should I buy? 1. Recrev neuae 2. Yoyo rec diffusion 3. Onedrop rally


Would get the diffusion personally

(major_seventh) #3



Go for the rally

Having owned all 3 it’s the only one still in my case


What makes the rally better? Why should I get it?

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never played the Neuae.

for me the rally’s shape feels better in hand and the finish is better for grinds, but no matter how much I clean or lube the bearing my rally is still semi responsive.

the diffusion has a slightly odd shaped feel in my hand, the catch zone seems a bit narrow to comfortably fit my finger in while I throw, but I do have rather large hands. The diffusion’s finish is horrible for grinds but it does play dead smooth perfect.

I’d go with the diffusion.


Neuae seems like the oddball out of this group


Diffusion. They just released new colorways too.


Does anyone know the sleep times on the rally and the diffusion?


Both are over 3 minutes. The Diffusion might have a slight edge since it plays faster than the Rally. The Rally plays at a more medium speed pace.

Times don’t really matter with this quality. Worry about about how fast you want it to play. Zippy, or more relaxed?

The Rally is grindable, plays smooth, but still has some plastic feel on the string. I’d consider it relaxed.

The Diffusion is not grindable at all, but otherwise it feels exactly like a metal. More zip.

IMO you should just get the Diffusion since it’s new and really changed the plastic game.

If you still can’t decide between the two, then you want a Protostar/Northstar. :wink:


Well it is decided then! I am Getting the diffusion. Thank you all for the input and help! :slight_smile:


Out of you all who have owned the diffusion, what colorway is your favorite? I saw one colorway that just came today that said solid white. Do any of you know what one that is? Is it the clear diffusion, or actually a solid white color?


Actually solid white like the white rallies

Looks amazing


Can you show me a pic of it?


Also there’s a red one coming out:

The clear/clear is currently sold out.

I purchased the blue one.