Negative Response Binds of Doom

As the string gets old it can bunch up in the gap, and the little twists get stuck in the holes.

Often I can’t even pick it out, and end up having to cut the string into pieces to get it out.

The times I have been able to tug it or pick it out, there hasn’t been an axle knot, and I’ve seen the little twists down in the holes.

Anyone else have this problem with their fixed axle yoyos that have response holes?

The tight bunched up bind can happen on other response systems, but the hole can really get a death grip on the string.

Even so, it’s my favorite type of fixed axle response.


I think it’s more of an issue about managing your string tension.

I have had this problem before too, but rarely do I need to cut the string because of it. Usually I can give a quick firm yank and it comes free.


I have to do it way more than I’d like!

It’s always when I say to myself that it’s time to change the string, but then I keep playing on it.

Doesn’t seem like it happens to other people though…

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I may need to make my response recess shallower.

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Haha, don’t change it on my account!

Like I said, whenever it happens, the string is trash anyway.


So I’ve discovered that this is mostly operator error. If anyone else has had this problem, maybe this will help.

I was just pulling hard on the string, and that was actually locking it in tighter. I found that if I make sharp quick tugs back and forth, parallel to the gap, I can almost always get the string to come loose.

Probably that only that fails, when there is an axle knot hidden inside.

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Thanks for the tip @Myk_Myk, I feel like I may have caused some separation on one of my throws doing the same kind of tug. The quick tugs will be what I try now,:wink:.