Fixed axle string tension problem/questions


Hi everyone…

So, I’m having string tension issues on my fixed axles and I need help diagnosing it.

Basically, If I release all the tension so the string is neutral, the loop at the axle is so loose that the yoyo is no-responsive… And this is a fixed axle wood yoyo. So, to get response, I have to crank up the tension with a UFO or something and now it binds fine, but I can’t complete stall tricks like kick flips and stall suicides. As you can imagine the second I release the loop for the flip it wraps up on me due to the tension and thus can’t be landed.

I’m using Duncan Type 8 cotton strings. I guess the problem is either that the Duncan Type 8’s suck or that the string is shot already, or a combination of both?

Any advice is appreciated.


I’ve bee playing mostly fixed since about November of last year and I still have a lot of tension issues. What I find is the the best tension set up (for me anyway), is neutral tension along the length of the string with tighter than neutral at the axle. The issue is this, too tight or too loose causes your loops to go all spaghetti when doing flips and suicides, but neutral does not. I find myself adjusting tension usually every 2-3 throws when I’m playing my fixies.

You might try YYE type 10, but anything actually works. Just have to adjust the tension properly.


Try adjusting your gap, you may have too much width. What yoyo are you using? Some no jives can be set up better with a worn Duncan friction pad but most of the time, if I close the gap a hair they get better.

You should be able to pull the yoyo back up with neutral tension.


I’ve had super unresponsive fixed axles before. And it’s strange for sure. You can bind… Or double loop… But yeah, if the gap can be adjusted, that’s what you’ll want to do first. If not, maybe try a little wax or Vaseline around the tip of the string. (A micro micro amount, maybe half the size of a match head)

And… Try harder tugs to bring it back up. Wood is also just finicky and semi-unpredictable. Part of the beauty of the beast!