Needing help and suggestions for both 4a and 1a

I’ve been practicing a lot with my offstring yoyo lately, and thus far I can do the basic throw, barrel rolls, toss and catch, and can kind of do the overhand whip. All I’ve managed for 1a is the basic sleeper, a few picture tricks, and can kind of do the trapeze. Does anyone have any tips for:

  • New tricks to try that are easier with what I know
  • Easier method for learning orbits and back burner


  • Fix my missing with trapeze
  • Fix yoyo losing spin and/or snagging when attempting brain twister mount

Welcome to the Forum! With Brain Twister mounts - a really strong and straight throw works best and not letting both index fingers drift too far apart helps. Not sure exactly which type of BT mount you are attempting - I know two. Either one just takes practice. Don’t let your finger get too close to the yoyo because it will cause snagging.

If you have trouble landing trapezes and can’t get the yo-yo to sleep long enough I would say you really just gotta keep practicing, get more comfortable with the yo-yo and how it moves and eventually you’ll start to get it.