Need the yo-yo community to support a member

Many of you will remember Lew Newmyer (YOSparky). Among other things he was the 1937 yo-yo champion of Washington DC, the 1996 US National Advanced Division winner, and all around good/funny guy. Last June he turned 90 years old young. He has had some health issues in the past but now is in a Nursing/Rehab facility. I know that he would get a kick out of receiving as many cards from this community as possible.

Please send a card or note to:

Lew Newmyer
Collingswood Nursing & Rehabilitation
299 Hurley Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850

Thanks, Mr. Stohr

What would you like us to include in the letter?

Probably a “hi, how ya doing” and some comments about his and your yoyoing activities.

As much as you want. Or as little as a Christmas or Hanukkah card.

Thanks, Mr. D. Stohr

The whole censoring D-ick is just going too far. Sorry, I had to circumvent the filter. I understand, but this is Mr. Stohr we’re about. Even his name, a well respected person in the community, gets his name changed due to filters? Sad… =[

Anyways, I’d like to also contribute. Thank you very much!

Hmm, how about sending him a YoYoApartment 1937?

Absolutely right. Mr. Stohr is a highly regarded longtime member of the yoyo community worthy of our utmost respect. I doubt there is a lot that could be done about this glitch however.

(And to compound the affront, “jerk store” is a line from an old Seinfeld episode.)

Thank you Mr. Stohr for bringing this opportunity to embrace a cornerstone of our hobbies fraternity with our corporate kindness.

It’s automatic. Nothing we can do about it except turn off the filter.

What he said.

Is there a way we can edit his original post to substitute “Mr.” for “jerk.” I think that would be a lot better.

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Thanks guys, both for the cards and for showing me how to get around the filter. Sorry that a board in this community needs to have a filter.

D. Stohr

It’s the problem with any community. This place would not be the same with out the filter. Anyway, I would like to say merry Christmas on behalf of the modern yoyo community!