Need some yoyo advice

Yoyo advice

Alright so I made a post similar about a month ago. So as you know I ordered a Topyo Meta from
AliExpress from Toys Operated Store which was the seller.And it’s coming in a few days and I’m kinda getting worried could you guys like tell me what i should look for to see if the yoyo is in good condition like how do I know if the axle is in good condition and also the bearing and overall how do I tell if the yoyo is in perfect shape.sorry I just spent like $40 on it and I really don’t want to get a replacement.Thank you

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Look that the bearing spins freely. For condition just look for marks, or scratches(there shouldnt be any). And for smoothness just throw it and place your finger in the yoyo. You shouldnt feel much vibe(sometimes just a bit is normal).

Alright thanks so much and does the bearing spinning freely means it doesn’t stop suddenly?And even cuz I bought it from AliExpress I should be fine right?

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Yeah. It should be right. The yoyo should be the same wherever you bought it. Just flick the bearing and if it is smooth everything should be right. Good luck!

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Alright thanks and I’ve heard that the bearing can get damaged due to cold weather when shipping long that something I have to worry about or is it even real

I can understand that you want everything to be okay with your purchase.
But I feel like you’re probably over thinking things here.
Why work yourself up so much? It’s very likely the yo-yo will be fine. The bearing will be fine. Everything will be okay.
It seems like you might be so worked up about it being 100% perfect that you’re going to get it, and even if it is 100% perfect, you’re still going to be so worked up that you’ll still find something wrong.

I think this was pretty much already answered in the post directly above yours.

I hope you can get the yo-yo and just enjoy it. If it plays okay, I’d suggest not even taking it apart and messing with it. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken? You’ve talked in the past about how you’ve broken several yo-yos before by over tightening them…why take the risk if the yo-yo is playing fine?

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Alright thanks for the advice i appreciate you think I shouldn’t even take the yoyo apart as long as it sounds good?

I think I already tried to answer that question in my post directly above.

Alright so sorry for being a noob but playing play means smooth with no weird sound or a lot of vibe right? Like I have trouble telling if a yoyo plays good or not for some reason it’s super confusing since I’m new

Playing okay.sorry typo

Everything @twitch77 said, and also a couple other things. TopYo makes good throws, and from everything I’ve heard, they have good quality control. So out of the box, it should be fine. And the store you ordered from is also good. I ordered the exact same yoyo from the same place just a few months ago, and it was well packaged, and arrived in perfect shape. I would order the same way again.

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Thanks bro :+1::+1::+1:


I’ve never heard so xD

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Just sliding the string through the bearing(withouth taking it appart) will tell you if the bearing is fine. And what you said happens to me a lot. I tend to work up things a lot, and then have really high standards. It’s something I can’t control, and I don’t like it because sometimes it makes me enjoy some things less than I should

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I don’t have global data, but it seems like more than 99% of the time a new yoyo arrives ready to play as the manufacturer intended. Heck, even buying used yoyos, in my experience they are ready to use straight from the seller. Yoyos aren’t 1960s sports cars that always need adjusting to work just right.

I understand your concerns, when I was new I also had a huge pre-occupation with maintenance. I like to take care of my things. That said, I don’t believe if the yoyo is working that I should constantly be trying to make the yoyo perform better. It is the object that we use to do the tricks. After yoyoing for several years, I’ve firmly accepted most problems are at the slip knot end of the string and not the end that goes around the bearing (I think yoyodoc introduced me to that concept)


Throw it. Does it spin ok?If so, just have fun!