Need some string possibilities

I really like the whippy string from epic string because of the easy and beautiful whips and slacks. But they are never in stock and they are really expensive, especially because i live in Denmark.
So i was hoping someone could point me too a different string type/model that is similar.

I like toxic dragon.

Also it needs to be atleast 110cm (43inches) Since i am really tall (2,08m)

Dang dude you’re 6.8!? You’ve got 6 inches on me. I’m 6.2 (1.88m). I use dragon right out of the pack no cutting and it’s perfect for what I like.

Just measured a string: 52.75 inches uncut.

Also check out the kitty offerings. I like their tall normal for general use. Not great for whips but you can get used to it pretty quickly.