Whippier than toxic normals? I need whatever that is.

Ok. So I haven’t used toxics in about six months when one came off my finger and dinged my puffin. Who knew you could hold a grudge against a string. And lately I’ve kind of backed off of learning tricks. Heck my mom bought me a quake and idk what to do with it cuz it’s not really for me. But I don’t want to get rid of it because she bought it for me as a gift, even though my family is broke. So it means a lot to me. Seeing my only toxic string left tonight I grabbed my favorite throw, my Summit, and in about 5 mins had Brent Stole down to a tee. I then texted everyone I know to brag to them. I mean EVERYONE. But, I don’t like the tension with these strings. What is a bright yellow string that whips like normal toxics and handles tension well?

BYYS Panthers and Cyber Silk.
Best whipping strings of all time
Honorable mentions are BYYS type 3 and Steezy.
Type 3s color isnt neon and Steezy is easier to control.

If you wanna get these message Bigyoyo on the forums!:slight_smile:

Bump. How is normal kitty for whips?

It’s pretty meh. Not amazing, but certainly not terrible. Normal Kitty doesn’t really hold tension too well, nor does it last very long. I feel there are much better strings out there at around the same price (Werrd Blueprints, for example).