Need some money sale now taking some trades. Lowered Prices yet again!

Need some extra money to pay rent so selling off a few things.

08 888 Raw production run needs to be polished hes one ding on the half with “eight eight eight” $45 obo

“Modded Wheel” its a Buzz-on black elementx body with Duncan Speed Racer Wheel caps cut to fit and weight rings under the caps recessed medium SPR one Baz Pad included $30

Mini Motu Orange with metallic/halo stamped caps. Near mint as well, no cracks in plastic. $20 obo

FHZ orange glitter silicone recess and schmooved cleaned bearing modded by me Mint took out of package to mod it. $25 obo

FHZ yyn ed Tealish glitter silicone recess and schmooved cleaned bearing modded by me Mint $25 obo

FHZ yyn ed Enyo glitter pad recessed by someone and has dings and a cracked cap $10 obo

Two Relics from the 2005 National Yoyo Contest. One has had cracked hubs since I got it which have been glued and sanded my me(not shown in pics). Minor scrapes on rims(view pics), both play fine.
Cracked one looking to get $10 Good condition $15 or for both $20 OBO

Tom Kuhn Jive shirt black size Lrg Never worn $10 obo

Two Astrojax henley style grey body with black sleeves From when SpinMaster distributed for them size Lrg $10 each obo

All prices are obo and include shipping. Need cash, but will consider some trades for yoyos we like: Non modded FHZs, Skyline, Yuuksta, Crucifier, Lrg bearing BEEF(pink or black)/Split D Lrg bearing(pink, purple or black?)
Thanks for looking, view all images below, if you have any questions please contact us.



Close up of cracked relic halves.

Close up of non cracked relic

Cleaned the schmoove groove with a sharper bit so it looks better, plays the same… kick ■■■.

Bump lowered prices!

Bump added more stuff and more wants.

Bump lowered prices again!

Bump new pics of the Pyro modded FHZs