need some help

okay guys in about an hour after i get some replys on this im going down to my garage and gonna get to some serious modding.

so i have a lathe in my garage and im gonna see what i can doi also have brake fluid,and a bunch of tools for reshaping.i have a bunch of yoyos that im going to modd so here they are could you help me choose what to do. i have a bunch of yomegas such as a raider,xbrain,and some more wich im going to try to recess.i also have some mosquitos,i have 2 legacies, and a pgm so what should i do guys i also have a translucent green hyabusa but no paint. any suggestions

do whatever to the yomegas and mosquitos to the pgm the part thats makes it the hshape __I== that part (you know what im talking about) cut that off for a reshape and to the legacies flat rim and make them a hshape and pad recess one