need some cool tricks.if you know any tricks please post link to them thanks!!!

need like 20 seconds filled up in a free style and cant find any good tricks. if u know awesome tricks post the link here. any trick is greatly appreciated. thanks

this guy makes awesome combos, this one is really cool.

You start in a wrist mount btw

This one is a little shorter. watch?v=2D3en2EAek0

(no space between / and watch?)
Still cool though.

This one brings you from a 1.5 to a double or nothing

Link: watch?v=WG7nm1j-8QA
(no space between / and watch?v)
In all his videos he uses a turning point positron.

how advanced are you? do you know what a green triangle is?

That’s my stuff, I mostly come up with original tricks and make tutorials for them.