need some advice


have a financial crisis and need to sell some of my yo-yos.
what is fair asking price for
HSPIN Pyro 2 near mint no damage

MILK near mint near mint no damage

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A couple of older yoyos for sure so I’ll take a guess:

Pyro- If it’s not a special number or run around 70 dollars. I could be a bit low on this as Hspin went out of business and I’m not aware if that makes it more collectable.

Milk- The last one I bought was 50 dollars.

Sparhawk is always a good one to ask as he trades and purchases used yoyos often.


Thanks! I also have a SPYY Addict 1st run beadblasted green, but I am in love with it but will sell if I have too.

Also Dif Wide Sport and YYF G5

#4,65572.0.html Here is the Appraisal thread, its a thread dedicated to exactly what you are asking, its just easier to keep it in one thread…from now on its better to post there, alot of experts on prices will help you out there.

As far as what you posted depending on condition (I will just assume they are mint or near mint condition).

Spyy Addict Green Beadblasted Version: ~$50 Beadblasted Addicts are kind of sought after, have seen people requesting the beadblasted versions especially. I would say the non blasted versions would only fetch $35-40

Dif Wide Sport: $30-40 Difs dont sell well at all these days, the only ones that do are the fancy anodized special editions and even those dont sell that well. I would say if you have the tin and everything $40 would be reasonable.

YYF G5:Depends on Edition a regular edition 09 G5 or a not so sought after Original 07 G5 $25-40 There is actually someone selling an 09 black G5 for $20 and its still on BST! Special Limited Editions like Red Star, 555, Prison Break, ect if mint ~$60-80 depending on edition and who’s buying it

Hope that helps =). I based my priced on what I see things actually selling for, not the prices people list them for, so that is the price I would actually take, pricing them a bit higher to curb lowball offers would be recommended.

These prices are for mint or very near mint, obviously worth less if there is damage. Since condition is a huge factor now a days it would help in the future to post condition like dings, scratches, even flat spots and factory ano flaws, ano flaws usually dont affect the price (unless its a FG or marked a B Grade because of it), but its nice to list. Personally I wouldnt care if I got a throw that came with an “ano flaw” but some people on here are anal enough to! =).

Hope that helps


I was looking at the thread you linked just now…and thanks for the reply!
All my throws are mint to “near mint(bearing tampered with)”.
I really thought the SPYY would be worth more because I assumed it was “rare” AND it is such fun, smooth yo yo.


Feel free to get another opinion, I could have priced them a little low but I feel the prices are pretty accurate on the BST market…=). Doesnt mean you cant get more though! =)