Mint PYRO and G5 for sale! Plus More!


First Post here, decided to Thin my collection a bit since I don’t throw much anymore. I have not researched much on prices for any yoyos, so I am certainly open to some negotiation.

HSpin Pyro Mint with Box- 55$, slighty used but is mint

YYF G5 good condition- 40$

Dif-E-Yo Bone Chip, a couple dings and blemishes-30$

Another Dif-E-Yo, I believe it is a Tank but after researching I am not 100% sure, has some scratches and blemishes- 30$

2 YYF Spinfaktor HG, one white one green, good condition, bearings hiss but play well- 25$ for both together

I plan to update this post with pictures soon, if there are any specific picture requests or questions please reply or PM me!!

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