Rare SPYY Spyder #368 & Más

Selling a rare Saturn Precision Yo-Yos Spyder in special edition super hero color. Almost mint condition except for two scuffs on both sides. I don’t play with it so it’s got to go. Might need new pads or they might just need some playing with. Pictures here, https://imgur.com/a/d08oh
$70 shipped.

Also selling
b grade turntable
beat Aviator (5A)
Duncan Echo 2
YoyoZeekio Flair
Yoyofficer Kilter 2
Yoyo Factory T.O.O. Hot

Message me if you are interested.

Um you would have to add more then just the yeti to get a nightmare or a hideoyshi

I bought a MIB gray yeti for $50 a month ago

Sorry to say this man, but I think that you’re asking a bit much for a $50 yoyo

Bump, no longer on pause

Dude this is kinda retarded…50$ yoyo and u r trying to get almost 100% profit for it? There r people actually looking for that throw to USE. Not just to rip other people off…

It’s not ripping someone off if they are happy to pay it, especially if it’s something like a yoyo and not a necessity for survival haha.
Let the guy sell his stuff, and if his price is too much it wont sell. Punishment fits the crime.

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Ya true that