Need Recommendation

Need Recommendation
max funds is $162
as for preference I do not know really as long if its usable by a beginner
i will also be doing Offstring and Counterweight with it
I am asking for this much because this will be my final YoYo and i will not buy another yoyo until I have a way to buy one
as for the topic I made before it was for a friend
thanks in advance

u can always get a cheap but good one and save money so u can get more yoyos :wink:

do you know how to bind?

If you do know how to bind then get protostar if not well I don’t know about that the decision is up to you. :wink:

I would recommend the wooly marmot and a northstar w/ some string

Actually i do know how to bind but not perfectly

Then what I recommended should be perfect if that’s what you want to get

Im getting some Kevlar Strings with the yoyo by the way

is it wise to get both

buy some general yo they are all over the forums right now

I think the YoYoFactory Velocity or Speed Dial are good choices so you can switch if you want to bind or not, but it isn’t really wise to use a yoyo for offstring and 1A unless it’s something supposed to be which there is not many. Some other good choices would be the Dark Magic 2, SpinFaktor X, Equinox (Offstring and 1A, but not the best beginner offstring yoyo), Atmosphere, New Breed and many other YoYoJam plastic/ metal body yoyos. Also the ProtoStar, NorthStar, Die Nasty, or Plastic Grind Machine (all YoYoFactory) with YoYoJam Thick Lube are good choices. Good Luck on your Journey through yoyo’ing!

Why blow your wad if you are looking for a yoyo capable of beginner tricks??

You can buy a lot of lower priced yoyos in the $20-$40 range that are capable of both beginner and advanced tricks.

But once i buy that yoyo I will not buy another yoyo because of the price for shipping
oh another note it can be 2 yoyos

I still don’t see that as a valid reason for spending $160 on one yoyo. Buy two cheaper ones. You can get some nice players for $20 - $40.

It does not have to be $160 i just said its the maximum
any way
Thanks for the help guys getting a North Star and a Center Trac Yuuksta/Wooly Marmot