Need Recomendation Between Two YoYos


Hey guys,

I am really wondering what I would like to get. It is a toss up between the General-Yo Essence and the YYF NorthStar. But if there is anything else that matches my preferences please speak up.

I understand that the Essence isn’t released, but I can wait.


-I like fullsized yoyos. Preferably 53-56mm

-Weight doesn’t really mater, though I like fullsized yoyos to be heavier (66-70 grams) and Undersized to be lighter(60-64 grams).

-I really enjoy H-Shapes, but I also like rounded butterfly.

-Most of the time I enjoy a solid feel. Though I don’t like it to be sluggish. I’d really like something that is agile, but still remaining solid.

-I don’t really care about colors, anything works.

-Price doesn’t matter

Thanks in advance,

(laxdude99) #2

The northstar seems great for you I personally love the northstar one of my favorite throws


Buy both its too hard to choose but the essence will be more rare than the northstar.


northstar (now if only we had an agree button so I didn’t need to type this :wink: )


Northstar all the way.


This is exactly what the thank you button is for, as well as just simply thanking somebody for their contribution.


yes ape. however, the thankyou button just posts a small message at the bottom of your post of which many people seem to ignore, while I believe that we could have some system where the most agreed with post may be highlighted. Also, thank you does not necessarily mean I agree, it could just be that someone themselves likes the yoyo.

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