need quick info on pocket change. fast!

(me) #1

ok. Some of you know that I posted that whole "one yoyo for a year thingymabobber, and know that I am gambling on how much I’ll get. I’m kind of afraid that I won’t get much at this point, and the cheapest yoyo I could possibly be happy with is the pocket change. I wouldn’t be posting this if accesories didn’t cost so much. I tried searching online but didn’t find that many reviews. So I need your guys’s awesome philosipher like wisdom to guide me on the path of wholesome yoyoing (i need some info on the pocket change). Thank you!

(Chris Allen) #2

How much do you have to work with? My pc is okay, bit snaggy, but ok

(ed) #3

it’s ok, but yah the gap can be snaggy. i cannot imagine a relatively new player sticking with a pocket change for a year. you’d be better off getting a freehand 2 at toys r us, imo.

velocity is infinitely better, and NOT infinitely more expensive.