LF pro yoyo that looks like a "toy"

looking for a yoyo that looks like a “toy” that plays really well. basically what i mean is a plastic or metal throw that plays as well as some of the top yoyos but aesthetically (visually) looks like a cheap toy, i.e. solid paint (no anodizing or clear plastics), and basic colors like normal red, blue, green, or yellow. very toy-like, to reiterate, lol. any throws come to mind when i describe this?

What about one of the solid Freehands?

Soooo they make them that don’t look like toys?

The YYF Pocket Change seems like would be perfect for you. :wink:

fjh123: i mean as opposed to the more professional looking ones that are anodized or a custom paint job, or look “professional”

Agreed with CodyJam. When I first looked at the Pocket Change, I thought it was under 1 buck. But it plays extremely well, but not as well as 100$ metal yoyo’s though.

Pretty much any plastic throw under $20 looks “toyish.” Lynn Furies, FHZs, FH2s.

But the Pocket Change does look like that’s what it costs…pocket change.

Get the YYF Pocket Change.


ten bucks, plays like a champ