need opinion on whether this is a valuable yoyo please

Hi, I’m new to this site and haven’t been active in yoyo’s for a few years. I have what I think is a very rare yoyo that I know is a one of a kind. In 2007, Steve@SPYY gave me a special non production, unnumbered, unmarked Trainwreck finished in dark blue metallic finish that is the most beautiful finish I have eve seen on a yoyo ( I have about 50 Yoyos from around theworld, never seen anything like this).

He made this speciallyfor me in return for an Aoda Radian MKII copy I got in China and sent to him. As such, no original packaging or box was included. I have stored this in a Yoyosam nylon carry case , which was kept in a plastic bin in a controlled temperature environment ever since. I will post pics of this next week as I’m currently in the hospital and cant get to it until April 5th. Condition is completely new, no wear or signs of use, but based on the above info can anyone give an opinion on the value? Im thinking of selling this and a brand new serial numbered SPYY SPYDERMAN, as well as some others in my collection and would appreciate some opinions. Wanted to ask $500 for the TRAINWRECK, shipping included. What do you think?
Thanks for your help.

OK its not supposed to say a BillyBobs’s carrying case but keeps changing back when I hit save edit button

That price seems quite high. If i had to give you a number I’d generously say $150. But I’ve never seen it and you never know whose interested in that type of yoyo.

haha if only it could fetch $500… I really don’t want to put a price on it as it could affect what you actually might receive.

eBay would be your best bet and see what it reaches. Don’t put ridiculous set price and/or reserve on it because that scares potential buyers away.

150 is about what you would pay for a new production yoyo from SPYY. but since they went out of business in 2013 and this is a custom made one off, I’m hoping someone is a collector as you mentioned.
Thx for the feedback!

Wait until next week when I can post pics. I’m pretty sure this finish is quite unique as its not a dull anodized look, its a deep sparkling glossy metallic that looks like a custom paint job on a hotrod more than a yoyo. Its so nice just couldn’t take a chance on dinging it, thats why I threw it for 5 minutes and put it away for 7 years, haha

Probably powder coated.

There was a very near mint powder coated trainwreck on the BST. I think the powder wore of in some places:

It’s sitting at $110. I don’t know the history behind this yoyo, so I don’t know what the variation in price between yours and his would be. But nearly 5 times as much seems unlikely.

Definitely interested to see pics, but I agree that $500 is probably setting your expectations too high. The Trainwreck was never really one of SPYY’s flagship models, but for a SPYY collector, a really interesting version of one of the company’s less interesting yoyos might hold a special appeal.

hold onto for 10 years. Then come back and ask someone for $500.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the train wreck existed in 07. Are you sure it’s a train wreck? Perhaps it’s a pre pro

Heya, Brent… I am certainly no Yoyo historian. But when I saw your post, I googled ‘Spyy Trainwreck Yoyo’.

It pulls Hawaiian Mikes’ old Yoyo Site. Some kid posted up a review dated 3-24-2008. No doubt he prolly got the Yoyo, before then. So it could have been released, at least somewhere around late/2007/early 2008?

Interestingly, I have a Brand New, Dead stock, purple and green Trainwreck. And if I decided to ever sell it, I would not even think of asking 100 bucks for it.

Obviously mine is not a 1 of a kind, special finish. But personally, I see no exceptional ‘value’, in that particular model.

But, maybe to a ‘Real’ Collector, it may be worth 200 hundred? < I would think it might have to do more with whether more than one person wanted to buy it.

No matter what the seller might think it is worth, regardless if 500 is reasonable; if few are interested in bidding on it, the Price goes ‘nowhere’.


I dont think spyy has real collectors anyways.

You probably won’t be able to get any more than $110(ish)

I’m with yoyodoc on this one. $200 to the guy who really wants this exact yoyo is the most I see you getting out of it.

There aren’t many people who actually collect SPYY and the ones who really have a love for their throws care a lot more about later stuff like the 2 Punchline models and El Ranchero than the old stuff.

You going to post a picture of this yoyo or what?