Need More Mystery???


When someone says “That would make a great t-shirt!” they aren’t always right, but does a $5 shirt really need to be great? No. No it does not.

These are not great shirts. These are the shirts that you didn’t choose to buy and the shirts that you may not choose to wear in public. These are the shirts of yo-yos past with logos and designs that may bring a tear to your eye, and not in a good way. They have never been pretty or popular and they may not be the brand you like, but they are all shirts.

We couldn’t decide between ‘Random’ and ‘Mystery’ for these t-shirts so we went with both, and that should tell you something about what you’re getting into. The Random Mystery Shirts are available in a wide variety of colors, brands, materials, and designs.

We in no way guarantee that you will appreciate the artwork that someone at one time claimed “would make a great shirt” – BUT we do guarantee you will get a shirt. A shirt that may “make a great workout shirt” or a “great around the house shirt” and if you choose to take your Random Mystery T-Shirt out on the town we certainly won’t judge… but we may stare a little.

There are no returns or refunds on the Random Mystery Shirts – No backsies. Once you buy it, it’s yours.


Bought 2! Now, give us some more hints on what these shirts are haha


If I gave you more hints no one else would buy them…

But don’t worry, I just asked Eric to pick out two special shirts for you! ;D


Specially bad? Or specially good? XD


Oh jeeze haha


They’re really not that bad. We just cleaned up our shirts section and threw a bunch of them into a random lot. I took a couple myself, for $5 you can’t go wrong.


Just ordered 4. Two for me and two for a friend.


I’m buying all the Xtra Large Talls!


I think we need a special thread with photos of these random shirts as people receive them. ;D


This is so interesting, I want to try it


what did people get from this?




I got one.
It was pretty cool.


What shirt was it? :slight_smile:


A two x…

It’s a mystery :smiley:

I don’t know if they would want me to spoil it, but I guess you could end up getting a totally different shirt so, I’ll give you a hint.

It’s a yoyo that shares a name with a classic motorcycle.


i meant what shirts, or a pic of them


You know its a bunch of different shirts mixed together, so your not spoiling anything.


Yeah, feel free to post some pictures of your mystery shirts everyone! ;D


I forgot and then re-remembered.


Wow, that beats my expectations!