Need Mod help, Polish and Buffing

Hello, I have a Gnarwhal that was used very hard. Had some nicks and marks on it. It got to the point where it needed to be sanded down so they’re not as sharp. I took my yoyo to my grandpas because he owns a lathe and we smoothed it down amazingly! But there are still some really flat ano marks left on it.
We tried to remove those but they just wouldn’t go. My question is, what is the best way for me to get rid of those greenish yellow ano marks that still remain? I’m really satisfied with how polished and smooth we got it, but would be extremely happy if I could get rid of the remaining ugly ano smudges. All help is needed. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: pics of it are below :smiley:

ask yoyospirit, hes da bomb at polishing and what not

Anodizing actually goes into the surface of the metal. There are chemical ways to remove it, but you can probably do it by removing more material with sanding or cutting it down on the lathe. Try using the lathe and some fine sand paper to rework the surface a little more.

From the looks of it they remaining stains are near the hub and shouldn’t be too noticeable when it is assembled,

I don’t really want to ask him, I know he is an amazing mod, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like chemically stripping it like he does. I tried it a few times and its not my thing. It’s dangerous and the fumes that come from it are toxic and very disgusting, haha.

As far as using sandpaper on the lathe we didn’t do that because all he had was super heavy grit paper. We used these cool little foam cubes of sandpaper to buff it and polish it. And it’s mostly in the hub, so that’s why Im not totally upset about it :smiley: thanks for the help so far guys!

I still can help with stripping by hand lol. Try using the heavy grit, I usually go down to 100 to remove anodize. The thing is, with the foam cubes, you won’t be able to get into those areas.

ok - if you get some fine paper, say 300 or 400 grit you could probably get it in the area where the ano remains. If you use it wet it will really shine things up.

Thanks Yoyospirit :smiley: ill try that finer grit paper! And I did use some really smooth like 2000 grit wet sandpaper to make it smooth and shiny and it worked fantastically. The ano smudges are just a bugger.

Maybe use it dry first to get the ano off better.

I’ll give it a try :wink:

2000 grit won’t remove ano at all, you can use a whole sheet, and it’ll still be there.

Oh I know, haha. That’s what I used to polish it and remove some very very thin scratches :smiley:

I was referring to the coarser grit.

Id like to thank everyone who posted in this thread with tips. You were all very helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

Your welcome :wink:

No problem glad to help :).